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About Me

Hey Queen! It's me... Lindsay, Your EmpowerMentor!   

Whether I am coaching YOU on a mindset and mission strategy, advocating for YOU in the boardroom,

or speaking to empower you to walk in your God given identity....

One thing I know for sure...

"Empowering women to become whole, discover purpose and live abundantly is my jam!"

Life hasn't always been this fulfilling path of grace & ease for me.

For years, I struggled with high-functioning anxiety and depression.  What appeared on the surface to be an ambitious “go-getter” was actually an anxious and insecure little girl running from the internalized shame telling me I was unworthy.

The hustle and grind became my mask to hide behind the unhealed trauma I refused to address. What I did became my identity, and though I worked extremely hard and had many accolades,

"I could no longer hide my pain behind the false identity of being "booked & busy"." 

In 2017, the combination of depression, anxiety, and the constant hustle and-grind lifestyle, led to a nervous breakdown that landed me in the hospital.

It was in this darkness that God introduced me to my true purpose: to be a pioneer in helping broken-hearted visionaries to heal our stories of unworthiness, while building sustainable lives and businesses without compromise.


The breakdown forced me to get still and go deeper with God. I discovered that the constant hustle and grind mindset was actually me seeking affirmation from my wounds of rejection.

"In order to receive the blessings of abundance, I had to believe that I was worthy of it."

 I discovered that having a life & business of abundance was about being and not doing. It was about allowing for your true identity as a child of God shine through first, then allowing that purpose to be made manifest. You can have all the degrees, be versed in the latest marketing trends, but the most important key to thriving in life and business is healing from within.

Once I adopted a "God First" strategy, my company, LRP Agency grew from zero to six figures in less than a year, I get to spend more time with my family and those I love, I enjoy a day of rest every week, and I live and work from a space of grace, ease, and freedom. 

It is my prayer, that every visionary that finds me here, will leave my presence Being Whole, Discovering Purpose, and Living Abundantly. 

Welcome to Your Journey! 

You Are Worthy of More

My purpose is to visionaries like you to heal and build abundant lives and business of impact. Seeing you break free from the world's definition of success, and step fully into being the CEO of their life is my happy place.


Whether you're looking for a mindset shift and strategy coaching, a consultant to build initiatives of impact for women entrepreneurs, or a speaker to ignite vision and transformation within your organization, you are in the right place. 


I don't believe in coincidences. You stopped here because you are seeking alignment and purpose driven principles. 




I AM a Daughter of God, Wife, and Mother! 



I AM an award-winning CEO, serial entrepreneur, and visionary with over a decade of experience in strategic consulting, messaging and advocacy. Earning the HubSpot Innovation Inbound Award in 2016, as well as CRN’s “Women of the Channel” title for three consecutive years.

Through the grace of God, I've been fortunate to build multiple businesses holistically without compromising my values, worth, and integrity.

My natural gift of communication and strategy have allowed for me to partner with multiple global brands such as Google, AT&T, HubSpot, and RingCentral just to name a few.


As an advocate of justice, I have contributed thought-leading commentary for local, national, and international media outlets such as Good Morning Washington, TRT Global, Sirius XM and several award-winning podcasts.  I use my platform to share my testimony of the

 pressures of being a black woman entrepreneur in corporate America, and the high-functioning anxiety and depression hidden behind hustle and grind culture. 


Media Impact


My Core Values