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How Childhood Wounds Show Up in Your Life & Business

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

As an Inner Healing and Personal Transformation Coach, one truth I've learned while working with leaders on their Journey to CEO™ is that their peak fulfillment and performance only align when they engage in an intentional inner healing and personal transformation process.

In this hustle and grind culture, we love to obsess over KPI's, sales, and efficient marketing strategies. But there is nothing more efficient than showing up with a whole heart.

Taking an in-depth look at who we are and why we do what we do is critical to our becoming process.

One way to do so is digging deep into our childhood to discover some of the unhealed trauma we've masked with busy-ness and high-achievement. And though most coaches will tell you not to look back. Looking back to tie up loose ends and heal, can be a great way to accelerate your well-being and fulfillment in life.

Here are a few ways childhood wounds can show up in your life and business.

You don’t trust God as your provider.

In a perfect world, when we think of a parent, we immediately think of someone who naturally provides for the needs of their children. But in this fallen world, perfection doesn’t exist. And though our parents did the best they could within their capacity, it is quite possible their unhealed wounds weaved into our lives and careers, subconsciously. Our parents are our first authority figures, and how we relate to them is directly connected to how we see and experience God. And though the bible tells us not to worry, and that God will supply all of our needs according to His riches in glory. Your parents' inconsistencies, rejection and abandonment of your needs have made it hard for you to trust God as your provider. Leading you to settle for a hardened heart and a belief system of hyper-independence, and self-sufficiency. Not trusting God as a Provider in your life, career, and business Blocks Your Ability to Receive Abundance!

You don't trust God in others.

Trusting people is not a command, loving them is. Trusting God, however, is a command, and that is where the difficulty awaits. When you’ve continuously experienced familiar patterns of rejection, betrayal, and abandonment in relationships with other people, everyone becomes a walking RED FLAG. We then harden our hearts which leads to a life of isolation and loneliness. LISTEN… Been there, done that, and currently managing my triggers to ensure I’m doing it differently in this season.

However, Proverbs 3:5-6 tells us to “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge Him and he will direct your path”. When we focus on trusting God with all of our hearts, we don’t have to fear trusting people. We can trust that God loves us so much he will bring divine connections into our lives and remove the ones that no longer serve us. No matter the disposition of the person, even if there is betrayal, God will always take care of his children (YOU).

Yes, God wired us for community and collaboration.

Yes, God does give freely the gifts of wisdom, discernment, and discerning of spirits. Iron sharpens Iron and we need each other. But operating a life and career with a bitter and betrayed heart, distrusting and skeptical of others, Blocks Your Ability to Receive Supportive Community and Profitable Collaboration.

You struggle to Rest in God's Promises.

Somehow, you’ve adopted the toxic hustle and grind culture and have become a member of the “team no-sleep "society. You don’t realize it, but somewhere in your childhood, your perception of love has been completely skewed. You believe that love and blessings have to be earned, so you commit to a life and work-ethic of over-functioning. The truth is that your booked and busy philosophy is a mask to hide the deep-rooted feelings of unworthiness you carry from your childhood wounds.

To grind or to labor with wearisome effort, was not God’s original design for us. Grinding inharmoniously is a curse. It is true that hard work is required to bring forth the vision God has for us, but that work must be done in harmony with rest. Too much of anything is entirely too much. When we create a life that is solely focused on grinding and chasing external gratification, we Block our Ability to Receive the Gift of Rest!

I know that as high-achieving leaders, we want to keep up with the latest trends of market efficiency, but there is nothing more efficient than having a whole heart. As a visionary, leader, and entrepreneur, our ability to receive abundance, supportive community, collaboration, and rest in our lives, careers, and businesses will require a commitment to inner healing and reparenting.

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