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Journey to CEO



Are Your Ready to Release the Shadow of Mediocrity, and Step into your Authority?

It's Time To Become the CEO of Your Life.

Need a Sacred-Space to do the Inner & Outer Work?

You need a life-giving community that honors who you are becoming, what you are called to do, and encourages you to receive the abundance waiting for you.

Imagine being in a sacred space of empowerment, that offers the insight, support, and tools to strategically step into authenticity and create a life you love.

If you're ready to release the fear and go ALL-IN on your purpose. If you've committed to stop waiting for permission to be, do, and have all the abundance you were created for.

If you need a "breath of fresh air" that allows for you to do the inner work, while you work on your strategy


Join us in Journey to CEO, where spiritual alignment leads to purpose activation, and we design a lifestyle of wholeness, abundance, and impact.

Journey to CEO Executive Coaching
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Determine Your Next Move

Lindsay Rae Perry- Award Winning Strategist
Identity Formation

Your Crown Has Been Paid For!

The most difficult question for most people to answer is: Who Am I? Your job title and the roles you play in your relationships are not what define you. And though I know you're a rockstar at your job, the bomb partner, friend, sister, etc... what you do, is not who you are. Through the Journey to CEO framework, I guide you through a proven process to discover you true essence, so that you can let your being fuel what you do in the earth. Get Ready, because you are about to meet the real you. 

Discover your "Why", be intentional with your "What"!

Knowing whose you are, and who you are, unlocks your why. In Journey to CEO you will be supported in discovering your gifts, talents, and purpose, while strategically mapping out the structure to execute your new found vision. 

Lindsay Rae Perry - Transformation Coaching
Purpose Discovery
Lindsay Rae Perry- Journey to CEO
Lifestyle Design

Design an Abundant Lifestyle You Love

This is really where you find your flow and Become the CEO of your life. You stop waiting on permission to be the amazing visionary you were created to be, and you curate a life that doesn't just look good, it feels good also. We will help you design a lifestyle that is alignment with the truth of who you are and how you want to show up in the world. 

Give Yourself Persmission to Be Great! 

The truth is, you've already been great. You just needed the empathy, support, and strategy to build your confidence and trust within yourself. Purpose Activation is where you OWN IT. You walk in the authority you've been given; you transform the lives you've been called to, and you live abundantly.

Lindsay Rae Perry- Journey to CEO Community
Purpose Activation
Spiritual Alignment

Grow Your Faith, Change Your Mindset
Transforming your life and career is an inside job. Spiritual alignment is critical to our success.  Before we get started with any "doing" and physical building, we focus on being anchored in our faith. As you embark on becoming, doing, and having all that you were created for.  I am here to help guide you into a deeper relationship with God and yourself.

Lindsay Rae Perry-JourneytoCEO

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More of this...

My goal is to get you more!

Lindsay Rae Perry- Transformation Coach

You're here on purpose, for a purpose. 

Creating your dream life is not an easy task. Here are some of the most common struggles we hear from clients. 

Sound familiar?

Exhausted from trading the freedom of your time for a paycheck. 

Suffering in silence with self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and the  fear of failure.

Lack of a clear vision and aligned values due to uncertainty and unworthiness.

Running on empty, you lack work/life harmony and secretly feel powerless. 

Unclear on how to position your passions with your purpose to unlock financial flow, and make an impact in the marketplace.

Enhanced Peace & Joy! Achieve fulfillment by growing your faith, actualizing your potential, and activating your purpose while making positive impact.

Financial Increase! Unlock financial abundance in your life by focusing on your core values and operating in your zone of genius.

Clear Confidence! Walk in bold clarity and confidence as your become more aware of who you are, what you need, and what you want. 

Time Freedom! Never trade time for money again. Discover your flow of work/life harmony and make space for rest and play. 

Meaningful Work! Live and work abundantly by turning your adverse life moments into impactful work, that helps other people live and lead significant lives. 


Your One Step Away From

Creating a life you love. 

Determine Your Next Move

A word from some of my clients 

Journey to CEO Client Testimonial

Working with Lindsay and Journey to CEO®

  • I Received a $40,000 salary increase.

  • I Was promoted to Executive Leadership at a Fortune 100 company.

  • I developed my spiritual walk with Christ.

  • Launched the M.O.M.S community.

  • Transformed my Pain into Purpose.

  • Reached ACCEPTANCE after 10 years of grieving the loss of my mother.

Mya Pollard

Fortune 100 DEI Executive

Journey to CEO Client Testimonials

I have been feeling stuck in my career and through her process. Lindsay helped me unpack many ideas and shift my mindset, which helped me obtain the clarity I have been searching for. I would highly recommend working with Lindsay if you’re looking to shift into a better life and career,”

Michelle Holmes

Women's Basketball Coach

Shayna Boyd Client Testimonial

Working with Lindsay, I've accomplished many life & career struggles. Lindsay brought out the best in me. She personalized what I wanted to accomplish, identified my values, tackled current work issues, and explored future career ideas. Through Lindsay's guidance I was able to go from Existing to Living. I now own my own business with a full list of clientele

Shayna Boyd
Founder of Naturally Bare



I'm Lindsay, my superpower is helping women activate their purpose and authentic power. 

My zone of genius lies in helping ambitions women walk in wholeness and activate their God-given purpose. 

Whether you´re grappling with procrastination, battling self-doubt, imposter syndrome, feeling overwhelmed, or simply lacking a clear strategy, take a moment to consider how far you have come despite these challenges.

Now, envision the limitless opportunities that await you when you step into the light and walk in your true identity. 


What would it look like if nothing was holding you back and hindering your growth.


Since my first entrepreneurial endeavor at the age of 21, I've built, scaled and sold a multi-six figure business, in spite of the depression, anxiety, and trauma that tried to weigh me down.  Now my passion and purpose lies in helping other women become whole, discover purpose, and create the abundant life of their dreams. 


Are you prepared to experience unwavering support and strategy on your path to holistic success as well?

Lindsay Rae Perry

With God All Things Are Possible

Matthew 19:26

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