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Business Coaching 

Women Leaders

LRP Agency has helped several women leaders like you move from under-appreciated employee to powerful CEO. We help to educate, empower, and equip you to leverage your God-given gifts and voice as a leader and businesswoman.

We provide business coaching for women entrepreneurs and strategic consulting for corporations

Strategic Consulting


We partner with and consult corporations to advocate for, and support, marginalized women entrepreneurs to scale beyond the 7-figure mark.   Our aim is to build ecosystems of tangible support and investment for black and brown women in the boardroom worldwide.


We Empower Women Entrepreneurs!                                                             We Partner with Corporations to Empower Women Entrepreneurs! 
women leaders

Coaching Services for

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You’re sick of the daily grind and ready to make a move, but feel stuck or scared, overwhelmed or under-resourced for such a giant leap into the unknown. We’ve got you! LRP Agency can help with:

  • Craft your perfect exit strategy.

  • Mindset Coaching & Support.

  • Clarifying your vision, mission, and potential income streams

  • Planning Life & Business Blueprint. 

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Worth ethic

I know we've all heard the cliche "It's ME Season". But what does that mean for you? Are you tired of not making yourself a priority? Are you exhausted from being there and showing up for others, with very little to pour back into yourself? Do you find that the intimacy in your relationships suffer from your exhaustion?

 Learning to put yourself first is a journey and I've got you covered!

  • Worth Ethic Blueprint

  • 1:1 Day Mentorship with Me

  • IAM Quotient Journal Exp.

  • Clarify vision, mission, and purpose.

Young Woman Making Notes


This is for you high-achieving Super Women who are ready to leave the toxic corporate grind and take the courageous steps to launch your business and live a more fulfilling life. You have what it takes, your life and business just need some refining; and you need some confidence-building that LRP Agency can offer, like:

  • Strategic Planning. 

  • Income Stream Strategy.

  • Brand Messaging.

  • Brand Identity Blueprint. 

  • Business Launch support.

  • Systems Support


Strategic consulting services for Corporations:

Women Colleagues


This is the “liquid gold” every corporation needs to engage with their audience. Let us help you hone your message for systems, content, and email marketing, that will tailor what you’re trying to say so it lands well with who you’re wanting to reach.

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Strategic Advisory

We offer corporations strategic support to make the pivot toward investing in marginalized demographics; LRP Agency forges initiatives for black and brown women entrepreneurs and corporate partners to make the most powerful impact.

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Impact Implementation

Impact Implementation is the manifestation of your company's impact goals. We cultivate powerful corporate partnerships and alliances, to build out revolutionary strategies, and innovative solutions in order to enhance the capacity and profitability for black and brown women businesses worldwide.

Work with me

Let's Empower Women to  Find Freedom in Life & Business!
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